Setting The Record Straight –

My response to the recent inaccurate statements and reporting: 

It is unfortunate that Justin Trudeau, and his candidates, are trying to politicize vaccines and the pandemic for their own personal gain. By making attempts to demonize others, pitting people and groups against each other, and playing their usual divisive politics, the Liberals are doing a great disservice to Canadians and our country as a whole. It is also unfortunate that there has been confusion in the media which seems to echo the Liberal party narrative, which ultimately magnifies and perpetuates inaccuracies. 

Let me be clear: Vaccines are the most important tool in the fight against COVID-19. I encourage everyone who is able to, to get vaccinated. 

We must not forget that COVID-19 is a serious disease that can cause severe illness, and death. In this critical time, we must respect and defer to recommendations of health experts on how best to treat COVID-19.

I have never endorsed any alternative treatment, including therapeutics, as a cure of the COVID-19 virus.

At the request of many constituents, including medical professionals, who are asking the federal government to explore all possible options to defeat the virus, — as is being done in many other countries — I assisted in facilitating those efforts. My opponents don’t seem to realize that they are demeaning people who have the best of intentions, real concerns and people who want to start a conversation about any and all avenues to save lives. That’s the goal: saving lives. And it should be the goal for all of us in this difficult time. Not stoking division. And not perpetuating confusion. Just saving lives. 

In addition, allow me to state the Conservative position on mandatory vaccination (a position that has not changed): Canadians have the right to make their own health choices. 

For individuals who choose not to be vaccinated, we continue to believe in reasonable measures, such as rapid testing, to help protect everyone, especially the most vulnerable. There are also others who have medical exemptions, like myself, who cannot be vaccinated. 

When it comes to “vaccine passports”, Conservatives support a streamlined system that helps Canadians verify their vaccine status when travelling abroad. Countries around the world are requiring proof of vaccination to enter their country. We will coordinate a system so that Canadians who wish to travel all have one internationally recognized document. It’s up to individual foreign governments to establish vaccination rules for travellers. When it comes to travelling domestically, Conservatives do not support a vaccine passport.

For those concerned about the vaccine passport plans being put forward by the Ontario Provincial Government, I encourage you to contact Premier Ford and your local MPP to discuss these provincial plans.

Justin Trudeau called this needless election when Canadians are still facing the pandemic. He and his liberal candidates are pitting Canadian against Canadian through misleading statements and bending the facts. They continue to vilify everyone who does not agree with them, when in reality they are the ones being divisive. 

Conservatives are focused on what really matters… strengthening and securing our country for all Canadians. 

Dean Allison

Conservative Candidate for Niagara West