Secure The Future: Canada’s Recovery Plan

Canada’s best days are ahead of us. But we need to get the country back on its feet and back on track.

Now is the time to get to work, to rebuild our economy and secure the future of all Canadians.


Spending to protect Canadians in the pandemic was the right thing to do, and Conservatives supported it. But we can’t pass unsustainable debt on to future generations. Once the recovery starts, we will need to get spending under control.

  • Wind down emergency COVID support programs in a responsible way as Canadians return to work and the economy re-opens.
  • Ensure that stimulus measures are targeted and time-limited to avoid creating a structural deficit.
  • Get the economy growing again after years of slow growth under the Liberals, so that we have the revenue to pay for the government services that Canadians rely on.


Canada’s Conservatives will put the country first, by enacting the toughest accountability and transparency laws in Canada’s history.

  • Toughen the Conflict of Interest Act and impose higher penalties.
  • Toughen the Lobbying Act to end abuse by Liberal insiders.
  • Increase transparency to end Liberal cover-ups.


The last year has made clear the mental health crisis we face. It’s time to make it clear that mental health IS health, and to treat it properly.

  • Boost funding to the provinces for mental health care.
  • Provide incentives to employers to provide mental health coverage to employees.
  • Create a nation-wide, three-digit suicide prevention hotline.


When COVID-19 hit, the Trudeau government wasn’t ready. Caught unprepared, they made bad decisions that put lives at risk and crippled our economy. Canada’s Conservatives will implement a Canada Emergency Preparedness Plan. 

The Conservative Emergency Preparedness Plan will:

  • Make Canada resilient to threats.
  • Help in preventing pandemics to enter Canada.
  • Help in detecting and assessing threats.


Every Canadian deserves the security and dignity that comes with a secure, stable, and well-paid job. Canada’s Conservatives will enact a comprehensive jobs plan to get Canadians back to work across the country.

  • Taking immediate action to help the hardest hit sectors, helping those – including women and young Canadians – who have suffered the most.
  • Rebuilding Main Street by assisting small business and providing incentives to invest in, rebuild, and start new businesses.
  • Creating opportunity in all sectors of the economy and all parts of the country.
  • Assist in countering the threat with positive action.

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