Dean Continues To Work Hard For Niagara West

Since becoming the Member of Parliament, Dean has worked tirelessly on behalf of all residents and has served thousands directly through his constituency office. From issues with Canada Revenue, Citizenship &  Immigration, Visas, Veterans Affairs, Canada Pension, Guaranteed Income Supplement Program, Passports and other matters related to the federal government, Dean’s efforts have proven invaluable.

In addition to working with individuals, Dean has also assisted organizations and businesses in helping them to grow. By working with them to cut through red tape, resolve issues and obtain funding, Dean has and assisted in getting successful results.

Over the years, Dean has brought hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to local municipalities, businesses, organizations and community service groups. Areas such as infrastructure, agriculture, arts & culture, business, justice, healthcare and education have all received funding that has help strengthen and grow Niagara.

Dean has brought funding for infrastructure projects in each municipality in Niagara West such as the Fleming Centre in Lincoln, road and sewer improvements in Pelham and West Lincoln, additions to the water treatment plant and the YMCA in Grimsby and renovations to the arena in Wainfleet to name a few.

As the Member of Parliament for Niagara West, Dean has and will continue to work hard for all residents and will champion Niagara, not just locally but nationally and internationally.